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PPI is a recovery studio dedicated to helping our community recover from both the physical and mental stress that day to day life and sport create, allowing them to function at peak performance.

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NuCalm is used globally in training facilities of NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB and UFC teams, and the hands of business moguls like Tony Robbins.

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Air Compression

Air compression work by using air pressure to massage the area thus increasing circulation and removing inflammation and metabolic waste.

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Ice compression

Ice Compression begins by applying pressure at the distal (furthest) end of a limb and incrementally transitions pressure towards the proximal (closest) end of the limb.

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Complex Electronic Muscle Stim / TENS

Our Compex Muscle Stim unit uses specific low-level frequencies to increase blood flow, remove lactic acid, release endorphins, and promote muscle relaxation.

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Infrared Sauna

Our Sunlighten Sauna uses Near Infrared light to heat your body while using less heat than a traditional Sauna.

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