Unique “Recovery Studio”

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Unique ‘Recovery Studio’: New Technologies & New Year Offers

Pittsburgh Performance Institute Introduces High-Level Relief for Physical and Mental Stress

PITTSBURGH, PA (Issued Winter 2019-20) — The start of a new  year.  Time for a new you.

Mike Littrell, founder of the Pittsburgh Performance Institute (PPI), the city’s first-of-its-kind ‘Recovery Studio,’ has found a unique niche, offering high-level pro athlete-level recovery and relaxation without the expense.

This week, Littrell announced New Year specials to introduce the pioneering facility that helps people recover from physical and mental stress that life and sports create, allowing them to function at peak performance. PPI, which opened last September, is located at 6302 Robinson Centre Drive, Pittsburgh. (Visit www.pittsburghperformanceinstitute.com/home/ )

One-Stop Recovery

PPI clients appreciate a one-stop shop for recovery and performance, plus a full range of state-of-the-art recovery modalities. New clients receive 15% off one session in a choice of four membership categories  before January 31, 2020. (Users who mention this news story will receive 20% off their first session.)  Most sessions last 30 – 60 minutes. The cost is about $30 per half hour.

PPI’s restorative lounge uses scientifically proven, innovative, state-of-the art treatments to improve a person’s recovery, performance, and overall health and wellbeing. Available services range from low-tech massages to ice and air compression to infrared saunas, Electronic Muscle Stimulus (TENS), H-Wave  – and, perhaps the highest tech of all, the patented NuCalm system. PPI also offers a range of performance products including special blend teas, CBDs, and dietary supplements.

Satisfied Client Testimonials

Among regular PPI clients is noted athletic trainer Jason Clemens who visits PPI 3 – 4 times each week for a NuCalm relaxation session.  A local ballerina visits twice a month for a 90-minute, three-part ‘Trifecta Package’ that includes Infrared Sauna, NuCalm and Air Compression.

One regular PPI client chooses NuCalm during her PPI visits: “I have a ton of stress and anxiety and can’t sleep more than an hour at a time.  With NuCalm,  I wear a blindfold and lie in an anti-gravity chair with a gravity blanket. Electromagnetic frequencies and headphones with neuroacoustic software guide your brain to a restorative ‘healing’ zone. These components ensure deep relaxation. You’re not actually sleeping. You think it was a 20-minute session, but it’s actually 1.5 hours! You come out of it refreshed. Those 30 NuCalm minutes are equivalent to four hours of REM sleep which I almost never get. These sessions help me sleep better, feel more calm and less stressed. It really helps my anxiety. My boyfriend likes it for hangovers. His brother in the NFL uses NuCalm for recovery. It benefits different people for different things. And PPI is nearby The shop is right across the mall near All Stars.”

High-Tech Path to Peak Performance

The patented, FDA-cleared NuCalm is used globally by professional athletes in the NHL and UFC, among others, and by business executives and pilots, by those suffering from PTSD and cancer treatment effects, and by anxious dental patients. Littrell says, “NuCalm pulls you into a lucid dream state. When finished,  you feel calm and relaxed. Users have called it “the best nap of my life” – “A 2-hour nap in 20 minutes.’ (visit www.NuCalm.com ).

NuCalm is proven to increase energy, improve performance, decrease stress and anxiety, improve mood and cognition, counteract jet lag, and recalibrate circadian rhythm. A host of NBC’s Today Show visited a recovery studio in New York and featured his NuCalm experience on national TV. NuCalm’s four-step system is drug-free, takes effect in minutes, yet has no side-or after-effects.

MMA fighters have called NuCalm their “secret weapon” that helps them train and prepare for battle — then recover from aches, pain and injuries. David Poole, Chief Business Officer for Solace Lifesciences, maker of NuCalm, says, “For professional and everyday athletes alike, NuCalm lowers stress and improves sleep quality without drugs. It provides effective stress management resulting in increased focus, accelerated healing, increased muscle recovery and reduced inflammation. Millions of people worldwide have experienced the virtues of high-performance recovery, from anxious dental patients to cancer patients undergoing chemo, to businesspeople and pilots. It’s a reliable and simple way to manage stress without drugs.”

PPI also offers an Express Concierge Service that brings the most popular services to a client’s home, office, special event or corporate wellness program.  Express provides users with the full benefits of the restorative lounge without having to visit the Studio.

Littrell welcomes people of all ages to tour the facility online or in person. Some clients know what they want; others depend on his advice and guidance. Online booking is available. People can schedule sessions or join for a reduced fee. For membership info, email hello@pittsburghperformanceinstitute.com or text/call 412-722-6593

For more about NuCalm, visit www.NuCalm.com  or contact David Poole, Chief Business Officer for Solace Lifesciences, maker of NuCalm:  david.poole@NuCalm.com .                                                                                                                                               — By Stan Hurwitz  /  stanhurwitz@gmail.com   / 508-269-0570